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Brief Introduction
Motorcycle Test Technology Institute of China South Industries Group Corp. (hereinafter referred to as CMTTI) is an institute directly under China South Industries Group Corp, and is a national motorcycles scientific research and testing institute which was authorized as China National Motorcycle Testing Center. CMTTI was established in 1981, and was the firstling authorized as the national motorcycle testing center by the State Economic Commission in 1987. CNMTC passed the re-inspection of accreditation by China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories in July 2002 and got the authorization of China National Motorcycle Testing Center for seven consecutive times, and it also is the designation laboratory of motorcycles, engines and components for the ‘3 C’ certification, motorcycles bulletin management and environmental protection catalogues management. it’s also the exclusive Brazil accredited exhaust emission test laboratory and the signed test Lab for Australia ADR certification. CMTTI is engaged in testing motorcycles, engines and parts for a long period, and has strong technical force. Now it has more than 100 staffs, of which 80% are professional technical personnel. CNMTC was moved to XI’AN city from Baoji County in November 2003, its area is about 50 Chinese acres in Xi'an at present. There are three test buildings, and the building area is about 16,220 m2. The testing instruments and equipments add up to more than 600 sets, which were imported mainly from Germany ,Japan and Denmark etc. it can meet the requirements of authorized testing items which is about 243 items for 33 categories. CNMTC possesses motorcycle performance, exhaust emissions, durability, fuel evaporate, overall performance and so on altogether 8 vehicle laboratories, engine performance, vibration, cleanliness, the noise and so on altogether 9 engine testing rooms, the lamps, the lock /rear view mirror, horn, the fuel tank/brake hose, helmet product, vibration, environmental testing and so on altogether 11 components testing rooms; it also builds a EMC test room and a LED semiconductor lighting lamps test room, and an electric vehicle test room, it can meet the test requirements for each kind of motorcycles (including electric motorcycle), engines and components. The Xi’an comprehensive proving ground which cooperated with ChangAn University covers an area of 280,000 m2; to design, it builds standard noise and performance test tracks and all kinds of typical tracks according to the international vehicle road standard and endurance, and then it can carry on testing for motorcycle of road performance, durability. CMTTI mainly specialize in testing for motorcycle and moped, engines of motorcycles and mopeds, electric motorcycle, moped and the engines of moped, ATV, general gasoline engine, components, safety helmet, electronic product EMC, lamps LED and so on items, it can carry out safety and environment protection items, performance, durability and endurance tests for all kinds of motorcycle and engine according to China national standards (GB), international standards (ISO), European directives and regulations(ECE regulations, EC directives), American regulations(EPA,DOT), Japanese standard (TRIAS,JIS), Brazilian regulations(PROMOT) and so on, and have the ability of light-duty vehicle emissions testing. Now CNMTC has been regarded as one of the most authoritative and powerful test center for motorcycle, engines and components in China. Since the establishment, CNMTC always stands on its objectives “impartiality, rigorous, science, and innovation”, to build “an leading-model
Motorcycle Testing Technology Research Institute of China Ordnance Equipment Group
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